Volactose Whey Permeate

Volactose Whey Permeate is a premium quality deproteinised whey powder suitable for delivering functionality and organoleptic characteristics to a wide variety of food applications, particularly bakery products.

Nutritional analysis



Features and benefits


Volactose Whey Permeate contains 86% lactose and is an ideal substitute for whey powders in those savoury food applications where salt reduction, texture and visual appeal are the foremost requirements.   

A naturally salty flavour enables Volactose Whey Permeate to be used to reduce or eliminate salt from food formulations, benefiting nutritional labels by reducing the sodium content of the finished product.

Particularly suited to adding benefits to baked products, Volactose Whey Permeate results in superior surface browning, flavour improvement, moisture retention and the development of a better crumb structure.

Advanced filtration and drying techniques have enabled the production of this fine textured free-flowing ingredient that is less hygroscopic than typical whey permeate and easy to handle in the manufacturing environment.