Volactose Taw Whey Permeate


A great tasting economical source of milk sugar for confectionery, bakery, flavours, soups and spice products

Nutritional Analysis

on Volactose Taw Whey Permeate

Features and Benefits

Volactose Taw Whey Permeate is made using a sophisticated manufacturing process which removes much of the minerals responsible for the salty taste usually associated with whey permeate, whilst retaining more nutritionally valuable minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The process also reduces other impurities such as glucose, galactose, and lactic acid resulting in a higher lactose content, a great flavour and an ingredient with excellent physical quality characteristics.

We guarantee it is Kosher, Halal Mui, Vegetarian and non GM – a key advantage for your products in a competitive market which demands such assurances.

Think about how you can rely on Volactose Taw Whey Permeate to save you money compared to lactose and whey powder whilst maintaining the great taste your customers love. It’s such a convenient and easy ingredient to use.

Make the change now to a new generation of whey permeates - Volactose Taw Whey Permeate.