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Volac has developed a range of whey protein ingredients with exceptional nutritional profiles and physical characteristics for a wide range of product applications for active health markets.

Volactive ProCrisp

Volactive ProCrisp is an exciting addition to the Volactive range of natural nutritional products, providing a vital crunch of high quality protein to sports, healthy and satiety bars, cereals and snacks.
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Volactive UltraWhey 80

Volactive UltraWhey 80 is a premium quality whey protein concentrate used for a wide variety of nutritional applications.
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Volactive UltraWhey 90

Volactive UltraWhey 90 is a pure microfiltrated whey protein isolate to provide nutritional advantage in sports, health and weight management products.
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Volactive UltraWhey XP

Volactive UltraWhey XP is a premium quality whey protein isolate containing at least 92% whey protein and low fat and sugar.
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