Active nutrition

People who exercise regularly or take part in an active sport need to ensure they are obtaining enough protein in their diet.

Protein is needed for every biological process in the body, including the maintenance of lean muscle. A moderate amount of physical training requires 1-1.6g of protein (per kg of body weight) per day and high volume intense training can require as much as 2g of protein per kg, per day.

Protein source and quality are important considerations. Influencing factors include the amino acid profile of the protein and the nature and quality of any processing methods used.

The benefits of whey protein

  • Whey protein is the best source of high quality protein for nutrition since it naturally contains all of the essential amino acids and more specifically has the highest concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These provide nitrogen for muscle protein synthesis and can supply energy rapidly to the muscles both during and after exercise.
  • Evidence suggests that whey protein is absorbed in the body significantly faster than casein, the other type of protein present in milk. Not surprisingly then, whey protein is popular with athletes since it gets to work quickly after exercise to repair tired muscles.
  • Compared with soy protein, whey offers a higher amino acid score, improved protein efficiency, greater digestibility and a more neutral taste.

Volactive - nutritional whey protein at its best

The Volactive range is produced using the latest membrane and spray drying technologies to minimise protein denaturation. Through these technologies Volac provides whey proteins with superior nutritional profiles.

Whey protein ingredients have a high bioavailability and can be easily incorporated into a wide range of foods, nutritional supplements and protein beverages for active nutrition due to their excellent solubility, stability, smooth mouthfeel and clean flavour.

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