Weight management

Rising levels of obesity, and the known link between obesity and serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, are causing widespread concern.

Increasingly people are recognising the need to focus on weight management as part of a healthy lifestyle choice and the prevention of disease. Protein can aid this lifestyle choice by suppressing food intake more than fats or carbohydrates as they make a stronger contribution to satiety and delay the onset of hunger for longer.

Whilst ingredients offering satiety (including whey proteins) continue to play an important part in reducing overall calorie intake, monitoring weight reductions on the bathroom scales only tells part of the story: body composition, as opposed to pounds and kilos, is the more meaningful measure to watch for longer term health improvement. Whey proteins are a clear leader in this field.

The importance of muscle in weight management

  • Muscle requires energy (calories) even when at rest, and during and after exercise this demand is increased.
  • The greater the proportion of muscle to fat, the more energy is consumed by the body both at rest and during activity.
  • Maintenance of lean muscle can therefore help with weight management by increasing caloric consumption.
  • Including more protein in a balanced diet whilst reducing carbohydrates and fats means that the weight that is lost is primarily in the form of body fat.

Volactive - nutritional whey protein at its best

The Volactive range is produced using the latest membrane and spray drying technologies to minimise protein denaturation. Through these technologies Volac provides whey proteins with superior nutritional profiles.
Whey protein ingredients have a high bioavailability and can be easily incorporated into a wide range of foods, nutritional supplements and protein beverages for active nutrition due to their excellent solubility, stability, smooth mouthfeel and clean flavour.

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