Volactive ProCrisp

The light and crispy protein sensation

Volactive ProCrisp is an exciting addition to the Volactive range of natural nutritional products, providing high quality protein for sports, health and satiety products.

Whey proteins have a well established reputation in sport nutrition, helping to restore and build muscle after physical activity. Now recent studies have shown that whey proteins can help in the battle against obesity by increasing satiety level and thus reducing hunger and caloric intake.

ProCrisp is an ideal ingredient in these developing markets where taste and texture is as important as function. Their neutral taste allows for uncomplicated flavour profiles in finished products, their unique form provides texture, whilst delivering a significant protein boost for a variety of applications. 

A crispy explosion of whey protein isolate and rice flour, ProCrisp contains 50% high quality protein with a vital crunch.

Nutritional analysis

Features and benefits

  • Rich in a concentrated natural milk protein
  • Great texture and crunch
  • Versatile and neutral taste
  • Suitable for sweet and savoury applications


  • Produce of the EU
  • 18 month shelf life from manufacture



Click here to read the Procrsip White paper